Dreakhack Dallas and Crafty Games

A few months back I got to talk with Ed Healy of Gamerati; you may know them as distributors and trouble shooter extrodinaires linked to Crafty Games and Sean Astin’s upcoming Grimmerspace. Ed invited me up to take a look around when some of the groups they represented hit Dreamhack in Dallas. It was a heck of an experience!

Dreamhack is a primarily computer game, esport, and hacker extravaganza featuring what is probably the best looking floor show I’ve ever seen—it’s also the Guinness Book of World Records Holder for the Largest LAN Party.

As a tabletop game company you have stiff competition to get into this convention. You are essentially entering and competing against other tabletop gamer groups to be offered a special seat in their limited floor space. It’s definitely a true forward thinking strategy by Gamerati to tap into this market for introducing another audience to their products. In fact, this year a couple Gamerati supported products made it in, including Crafty Games—and since this would be an excellent chance to meet legendary creator Alex Flagg (formerly of AEG and now Crafty Games) who is behind favorite series like Mistborn and Spycraft!

I truly want to say thank you to the people at Gamerati for the chance to attend—be sure to check out all our interviews with:

Ed Healy of Gamerati
Patrick Kapera of Crafty Games
….and our upcoming Tome Traveler interview from Dreamhack Dallas, with Alex Flagg!