Oversea Tariff: Finding a Stateside Printer


The RPG Tariff?

Both Roxy and I have a background in Print Media and we both know the looming threat of the tariff on imported products from China for the gaming industry. Every day seems to be more of the same: figures within the gaming industry lamenting what could be the doom of so many while a few gamers act like it is no big deal. The vast majority of people in the United States have no idea how the mass market and high demands and cost of the Big Companies has made it really, really hard to find someone who can do what is needed and do it affordably.

I’ve always been one to try to look for a solution and I began to ask myself—is there a stateside printer who can deliver?


So, I started researching and I decided to do a blog post on what I’ve found - Taylor Specialty Books in Dallas, Texas and it turns out it really isn’t an industry secret. In fact many game companies are already using them, for instance, they have worked with:

  • John Wicks Publishing

  • Magpie Games 

  • Hero Games

  • Evil Hat

  • ProFantasy Games / Pelgrane

  • Post Human Studios

  • Steven Jackson Games

  • Cubicle 7 Publishing

  • Green Ronin Publishing

  • Studio 2 Publishing

  • Fantasy Flight Games

  • Monte Cook Games

  • Kobold Publishing

  • Alderac / AEG

  • Level 99 Games

  • TSR Games

This is just a few of the game companies they’ve worked with; they’ve also worked to do art books for game artists such as Larry Elmore and Art Plugg.

Here are a few testamonials:

Next goal, finding a board game print company in the United States that is as well regarded! For more information visit their website: www.TaylorSpecialtyBooks.com