Goblin Raiders Actual Play at Comicpalooza 2019

At Comicpalooza, we had a wonderful opportunity to participate in their first weekend of Actual Play’s ever —we featured a original game we called GOBLIN RAIDERS for D&D 5th Ed. by Wizards of the Coast.

It was so much fun to team up with members of the podcasts:

Hi Hungry I’m Dad Podcast

The Mundane and the Arcane

and of course, thanks to Thirsty for the idea in the first place!

The Raging Nerds Podcast

We had an excellent turnout of fans who laughed and interacted!….and I suppose we’ll drop our next big announcement here!

Passionerdly Podcasts will be taking on the task of relaunching and continuing the podcast, Seriously, Let’s Play for our partners: The Nerd’s Domain! We are so excited for this next chapter of Passionerdly Podcasts and we intend to post the audio from Goblin Raiders, HERE!