Six Degrees of Chris Pramas

You may be saying to yourself, “Huh, Six Degrees of Chris Pramas…. don’t you mean of Kevin Bacon?”

Well, if you’ve been a regular fan of the podcast “Tome Travelers” you know we’ve mentioned him a few times during the 1st season and we actually came up with this twist on the game and are publishing it here with his blessing (thanks, Chris!).


For those of you who don’t know Chris Pramas is the founder of Green Ronin Publishing and if you are a Critter then you should know that the Tal’dorei Campaign Guide (the world guide for the famous Actual Play, Critical Role) wouldn’t exist as we know it today without him! Chris has been in the industry since 1993 and while that doesn’t make him an oldtimer in the industry, he has had quite the impact!

How does the game work?

Simple! Name a game creator or a RPG property and using staff or RPG titles/settings find a way to tie it to Chris Pramas. Want an example?

OK! Here’s a fun one: BESM. Mark MacKinnon who we interviewed and was once the creator of the RPG system, BESM (Big Eyes, Small Mouth). This was the grand-daddy of anime RPG games in the 90’s and you can tie it to Chris Pramas. How?

Mark MacKinnon was the owner and operator of his gaming company Guardians of Order. Before the company went out of business they actually contracted with now famous George R. R. Martin to create a game based on the world of what most of the world calls Game of Thrones. Funny enough it was George R. R. Martin who made the announcement that Guardians of Order was closing down. Guess who ended up with the license to create a RPG based in this world? You’re right, Chris Pramas’s company Green Ronin and the name of the game is A Song of Fire and Ice!

BESM => Mark MacKinnon => Guardians of Order => George R. R. Martin => Green Ronin Publishing => Chris Pramas!

So go ahead, do some research and learn about your games and see if you can tie them to Chris Pramas, you’ll be surprised what you’ll find out as you research artists, writers, and creators. Enjoy!