A GenCon 2018 Review

Time for our GenCon review--is it strange that this was a little more of a relaxed year for us?
For GenCon's 50th Anniversary we had ran from building to building for our various games and panels, but this year all our panels were centrally located and we were really close to the main hall.  Plus we avoided rope drop this year and took a much more relaxed time--and yet somehow we managed to see more tables, more booths, and more friends than in years past!
Here's how this year went for us!

This year we were part of three panels at GenCon:  Podcasting 101 Content, Podcasting 101 Tech and Equipment,  and Podcasting 201 Actual Plays.  Our first day of introductory podcasting panels went extremely well with full attendance!  We've already reached out to some of our attendees and if you were there we'd love to hear from you.  This year we attended the Actual Play Twitch Stream Panels from Maze Arcana with Satine Phoenix and Ruty Rutenberg.  These were some great panels and they were very approachable--we'd easily attend again!

The stars of this year definitely were the RPGs:  the physical release of the Pathfinder 2nd Edition Beta Book, the Vampire the Masquerade 5th Edition from White Wolf, Star Trek from Modiphius, and all the great releases from Hunter Books and Renegade Games Studios (Kids on Bikes, Overlight, and Outbreak: Undead 2nd Edition).  Oh!  And the Indie Game Developers booth was amazing--so many great products!

This was also a great year for other media to really be the stars.  The last two years we had Critical Role front and center--but perhaps with the end of the Vox Machina arc more groups got great exposure.  The Library Bards were there and got to perform, the cast of Shields of Tomorrow met up with their Auxillary Crew and did a signing, Tales from the Magic Tavern got to perform live.  I could see other Actual Plays and performance groups getting even more exposure next year.

We absolutely love GenCon and this year was better than last!