Short Essay: Setting on a Grander Scale

It wasn't too long ago that my wife and I were taken in by the now famously fake documentary, "Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable".  If you haven't seen it - it's about these statues and items fictionally found underwater dealing with a shipwreck during the Roman Empire years.  Even though it was all a farce at the viewers expense, the statues are absolutely amazing and capture what we feel is to some extent a lost art form....


It brought to mind one modern example which is a strange story I wish to convey....

While driving to a game of Vampire: The Masquerade for the Camarilla in Huntsville, Texas I saw something that amazed me.  This looming structure in the middle of the highway miles ahead.  As I got closer and closer the shape began to make sense; it was a statue.  I had traveled this road a million times before....where had it come from?  what was it a statue of?  Was it really in the middle of the road?

Finally as I got close the highway veered slightly and the statue was right next to me: this huge structure of Sam Houston. 

It's a rare structure that captures the imagination and impresses us all the more because it is uncommon--especially uncommon in the middle of nowhere.  When running our games let's think of ways to incorporate this majesty of grandness and scale.  An RPG isn't the original Wolfenstein 3D where our players are trapped between blank grey walls.  These structures don't always need to be plot items or important to the story, but something that make our worlds feel real!