A Sad Realization

I'm a sentimental person. When I was young I moved from my hometown and I lost contact with so many childhood friends -- I'm very thankful for the internet and Facebook for helping me connect with people over the years and bring so much joy.

Today, I got a bit of a sad realization...I've been looking for a friend who I'd known since childhood. We started off going to school together when we were in 3rd Grade and we lived down the street from each other. He was my best friend as a child. I remember his birthday to this day because it was always the first day back to school after winter break (we called it life's gift). He had a beautiful Labrador that jumped in his pool and loved to play.

Together with Scott Cook, David Bottomley, and Gabriel Ratliff I was first introduced to roleplaying games. He ran us in the world of Greyhawk and we called it such, because playing D&D was evil back then and couldn't call it that. He also introduced me to Ninjas and Superspies by Palladium where I made a Logan/Wolverine rip off based on some comics I had read as a child.

He was a tried and true friend. My entire nerdery and geekery as an adult and a career I find myself in as an adult (writing, editing, and creating games) is because of his inspiration when I was a child.

Today...today I found out Matt Meath died almost 10 years ago.

I moved from Plano when I was around 14 years and we were in Clark High School. We never saw each other again until I went to the big senior high school dance with Lisa Whitlock (flying into town for the event). We saw each other across the dance floor and nodded to each other big smiles on our faces.

I've typed his name into search engines on social media a million times over the years and never got a ping. Today, I got one--Matt passed in 2008.

Matt you were an awesome and amazing person. I am so blessed that I knew you. I wish I could have been around, but a part of you--the kid that was kind, energetic, and a little nerdy--continues his adventures with me.

Stay nerdy!