Our Review of DMDJ by Blue Face Games

I'm a gamer (obviously), and I try to play and run a whole lot of different games. As a DM continues to develop their bag of tricks we branch out into many different areas: maps, handouts, minis, etc. We begin to use voices and pantomime facial expressions and that leads us to understanding the depth that our other senses can have in immersion when it comes to gaming. It was an old friend of mine named Sam that years ago played soundtracks in the background to add ambiance to the scenes--and I began doing so as well. Perhaps, my favorite use of this was a Heroes Unlimited game I ran where I actually mixed my own soundtrack and used red light bulbs to illuminate the table. The entire session was eventually immortalized by Silkspinner in the comic, Complex Actions.

As we get older we have less time to dedicate to our hardcore gaming pursuits--maybe we just get lazy. So there are now APPS out there that do a lot of what I used to do. Syrinscape is one of the more popular ones, BUT it requires a lot of time as you organize each individual sound track (battle sounds, music, war cries, etc). Also, each track MUST be purchased. Sometimes the come in suites set to specific genres or even premade arrangments. You still end up forking over a lot of cash. That is why I recommend instead:

DM DJ is a simpler program that does everything you need on the fly! Simply select the type of location (when you click on say NATURE, it asks for a more verbose description from oceans to forests), select your time of day, and pick your music! ALSO, YOU ONLY PAY ONCE!

The music isn't overly epic, but it still is fun and you can change the soundscape's intensity and even time of day simply by clicking a button! If you are hard pressed to choose your own music you can even upload your own tracks! You can even choose to have in scroll through multiple tracks for variety.


How much variety is there?  There are over 3,000 arrangements--I haven't repeated any yet. It is available for both Apple and Android devices!  You want the sound experience at a game? This is the program you are looking for!