The Story of Passionerdly

It's a strange story to begin--where did Passionerdly come from and why is it what it is now?

I've always wanted to share, you know what I mean?  It's that driving passion of show and tell with the things you love.  I had ran a few websites to share my passion, such as The Nerdy Side.

Nerdy Side_zpsrzwi7bo0.jpg

It was okay, if lackluster, but it did give me a place to express myself.  Then I met my beautiful wife.  I am the luckiest man in the world to find a partner who shares my interests, and we don't just complete each other.  We drive each other and our expressions to new heights with creativity!  From there we started up The Nerdy Side Couple and began to expand our web presence to other blogs such as Rebellious Reverence and The Nomadic Nerd. 


It was following GenCon 49 and repping for John Wick's Presents that I really felt there needed to be an avenue to address gaming stigmas and games in general.  It was then that I said we needed to have a Game Master Symposium...but getting adult gamers all to the same place to talk about gaming outside of gaming?  Near impossible.  So we hit upon the idea of Podcasting...

Roxy loved podcasting:  from Alice Isn't Dead to Lore to Astonishing Legends to Undisclosed to My Favorite Murder....she listened to them and without a doubt was the most knowledgeable of the Podcasting landscape.  She introduced me and together our passion has grown!

This lead us to the opportune time of attending GenCon 50 and meeting Matt Quiett as well as Rob Southgate from Southgate Media Presents.  We had a blast sitting down with them and talking which led us to joining both networks, now we are proudly:


We've launched our first two flagship podcasts Dice Voyeurs and Tome Travelers--we hope you'll join us as we present our next titles as well!