For the Love of 7th Seas

I was a big fan of 7th Sea by AEG while most of my friends went crazy for Legend of the Five Rings.  Why was that?  Maybe it's my love of pirates or maybe it's my love of the art in the books or maybe it was the writing style of John Wick (no association with the movies).  Why was the strange amalgamation of Asia/Japanese society so much more loved than a fantasy version of our world and Dumas-level swashbuckling?

Who knows, but I love 7th Seas!  For a long time it was my great white whale of gaming--any game I got in on of it fell apart pretty quickly.  The card game laid forgotten and the books left and lost by their production company...then miracle of miracle John Wick brought it back out in his own company with an amazing kickstarter that raised over $1 Million!

I am so thankful to have backed 7th Seas return and so happy I've had a chance to rep for such a stellar company at GenCon!