Remembering Our Friends....

This has been a tough year for our team at both The Nerd’s Domain and Passionerdly…. Four people we cared about greatly have gone and so we want to take a moment this new year to think about them, reminisce, and honor their memory.

Andy Lambert

Andy was a great friend, a loving father, and wonderful part of the Passionerdly Fandom. I don’t know if I can explain how amazing Andy was except with this one thought: as we get older we often become bitter and jaded, but not Andy! Andy was a true optimist who respected and loved just about everyone. A wonderful guy who loved and lifted up others; more than he asked to be lifted up.  I’m going to miss him and seeing his posts.  I’m going to miss someone who tirelessly cheered others on. 

I met Andy when I was a roleplayer in the Camarilla (White Wolf Publishing’s old fan club). We continued to talk and our lives crossed paths in strange ways over the years. Andy also tried his hand at Podcasting and was a host for Geeky Goofy Interesting Weird and I was excited to see where it would go. If there were any way for us to honor his memory it would be to love others, to stand up for those who are different from us, and to be willing to listen.  That’s who Andy was and that’s who he’d want us to be.

Andy, I hope in the Sweet by-and-by, we meet once again on that beautiful shore, my friend.

Here are some links to his Podcasts:

Geeky Goofy Interesting Weird - Intro

 Geeky Goofy Interesting Weird - LARP

Bobbye Schleininger

Bobbye was an Old School Gamer Girl—she got in on RPGs when they first launched into the American Nerd world with TSR’s Dungeons and Dragons Red Box….but Bobbye was so much more than that. She was my Roxy’s Aunt, Amanda’s Mother, Levi’s Grandmother, and David’s soon-to-be Mother in Law. She was a no-nonsense-truck-driving-mind-speaking-deer-hunting-dog-loving woman that anyone would be proud to call a friend.

I obviously met Bobbye through my wife Roxy and her cousin Amanda. While I had always heard of her in passing (Bobbye lived in Missouri while we all lived in Texas or Louisiana) I had never really gotten a chance to meet her. However, this was going to change one of the times that she was coming down to see her family and I was going to run a game called, Tokyo Brain Pop. This was when it all came out that Bobbye was going to play and that she had largely been a roleplayer until she had kids! She was a lot of fun and it was obvious where Roxy and Amanda got some of their strength of character!

Bobbye was also a proud Critter (Critical Role fan) and anytime she came down on vacation it became a favorite event of binge watching as a family. Liam O’Brien even reached out to Amanda and Bobbye when she announced that one of the things that they enjoyed and gave them strength and laughter during the rougher days of cancer treatment.

If there was one wish for all of us from Bobbye, it would be this, her favorite quote:
”“Do all the good you can, By all the means you can, In all the ways you can, In all the places you can, At all the times you can, To all the people you can, As long as ever you can.” - John Wesley

Bobbye, you were a warrior—stronger than any I have ever known. Here are some links to the Podcasts that Bobbye was on:

Seriously, Let’s Play - Tokyo Brain Pop

Johnny Mack Brown Jr.

For those of you who follow the Nerd’s Domain — Johnny was a dear friend of Matt and Shirley as well as many of our cast. Johnny was a staunch part of the Indianapolis Nerd/Geek scene and had spent time as an independent writer for comics, books, and his own Patreon funded short stories, Dating While Black—a series of tales from his life exploring the topics of the LGBTQ+ community and the dating scene. Johnny was also an awesome philanthropist participating in various capacities including an appearance at the event, Indy Reads.

Johnny was a dear friend and had joined the Nerd’s Domain to start co-hosting their Star Trek fan show, There Are Four Lights. and played Lowell Bell on The Masks of Nyarlothotep for their “B-Team Sidequests” on the Call of Cthulhu actual play podcast.

I only wish I could have met Johnny sooner. John passed in 2017 of diabetic complications and his memorial was held in January of 2018. If there is anything Johnny would want to say, I think it would be to uphold his opinion on being an Ally; and that it is not a title or a badge people get to flash. It’s a calling—that whatever you are there to support or uphold in all capacities; even the ugly and hard parts.

Dating While Black Interview

There are Four Lights - Star Trek: Discovery S.1, Episode 1

The Masks of Nyarlothotep - Side Quest Episode 9

Jeffery “Sean” Aikins

While not a part of the Passionerdly or Nerd’s Domain podcasters - Sean was a very important part of the Nerd’s Domain community with his presence and his support. Sean lived in Indianapolis where he was a photographer, videographer, and graphic designer. Sean was also a major part of the local Indianapolis board game scene having been the Director of Marketing for the IndyGamer LLC as well as being the graphic designer of the Indy Board Gamers group’s logo.

Sean was also a big lover and supporter of music and would often choose to travel near and far to see the groups that he loved. The local rap/bluegrass band from Indianapolis, Gangstagrass, dedicated a song to him at a recent show—you can listen the dedication here:

Gangstagrass - Barn Burning