Episode 11: The Nerd's Domain & Idiorhythmic Designs

For this episode, we visited Indianapolis, IN to spend some time with Matt and Shirley at The Nerd's Domain HQ. After a weekend of gaming, Matt brought out their sets of Q-Workshop's Call of Cthulhu dice to use for his Call of Cthulhu 6th Edition actual-play podcast, Nerd's Domain Presents: Mask of Nyarlathotep. Along with the dice, he showed off a couple dice bags (including one featuring the cutest Old Ones I have ever seen) made by their friend and seamstress at Idiorhythmic Designs. For all the details, check out the episode at the link above, and if you want to get your hands on your own Call of Cthulhu dice, or see more of the items offered by Idiorhythmic Designs, see the links below!

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Idiorhythmic Designs

Q-Workshop's Call of Cthulhu Collection

Pawn & Pint: Kansas City's Premier Boardgame Tavern

The Pawn and Pint in Kansas City, Missouri will always hold a lot of first memories for us. It was the first boardgame pub we’d ever been to, but at the same time it is the first time we’d ever done an interview for our Dice Voyeurs podcast, as well as the location where Greg, Roxy’s dad, first played a roleplaying game. There’s a certain amount of pride that Kansas City is Roxy’s hometown (go Royals!) and that such an amazing location for geekery can be found there.

When we first visited Pawn and Pint it was for our blog The Nomadic Nerd and they were still located in the Crossroads district. Ed Schmalz had opened the Pawn and Pint following a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2016. It was a smaller and simpler location, but still larger than most game stores we’d ever visited. Even when first opening it had a very expansive board game library, tons of tables, and they were constructing their bar. Something about the place seemed to just breathe confidence and success.

On our return, over a year had passed and much had changed! The Pawn and Pint moved into a new location in Kansas City's River Market with even more floor space and a mezzanine level which can be rented for groups or events on weeknights! It has a full bar that serves up local beers and coffees and shares a kitchen with the Homesteader Cafe next door which will deliver to the bar! By all accounts, it is a rare night indeed that the place is not packed out with board gamers or RPG campaigns. Even the library of board games has expanded: where it was once several hundred you can now find over a thousand filling their wall, including the newest and hottest releases!

Pawn and Pint is an anchor for the gamers in the Kansas City community and that is why we were truly honored to sit down with Ed and his staff and talk again—but this time for our podcast! We had a great time talking over coffee about the newer Pawn and Pint before discussing a special member of the Kansas City gamer community: a local artisan named John Lundt whose dice carriers and boxes are available to be purchased there. The smaller single set dice boxes were thin and elegant with a simple dark cherry stain to them that gave them a very high quality look to them. These smaller set holders had magnets built into them so that they snapped shut and secured the dice (which you can hear us playing with during the recording).

The larger dice box/tray had a much more light natural wood appearance with some great shade differences between the various elements of its construction. The larger decorative brads on it gives it the appearance that it was constructed with classic nails that really would pop out at a game table. The top slides on and off and fits securely (a sign of a true master craftsman!). We were pleased and excited when we bought two of the smaller dice boxes and found that they could easily fit all together inside of the larger one! We aren’t sure if this was intended by the creator, but it makes for less bulk when carrying it all and is reminiscent of dice box/tray sets that some of the larger companies are now creating. We’ve often talked on our show about how this is a new renaissance in the gaming community where the desire for new games, new dice, new items, and new places to play and interact is on the rise. Pawn and Pint has made a huge impact in Kansas City that not only fills a void, but opens up all new possibilities! Both episodes of the podcast are featured at the top of this article: Part 1 features Ed Schmalz, owner and proprietor, and Part 2 includes our interview with Director of Events, Donald the GM.